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College Administration Office

College Office

General Office of College Seventeen is the heart of the administration involving Seventeen College. General Office Seventeen College is located in the 3rd Wing, Block D, College of Seventeen. General Office of College Seventeen also includes the principal's office, the office manager, office assistant manager, ISO office, office clerk, office administrator and general student affairs office.

General Office Seventeen College is a place for students to complain about damage in-room amenities. Complaints about damage to facilities can be made by informed staff colleges and fill the existing complaint in the general office.


In addition, the general office of the College of Seventeen also provides various services such as loans or leasing equipment, room hire, admission to college, the return key, concerns about costs and so on. students can

inquire directly with the existing staff college of the business to do to follow the existing procedure.



Updated:: 27/05/2017


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